Our story

Once upon a time…

It was in 1986 that the “Au bout des Rêves” brand was created. Its creator, Catherine Popesco founded it after discovering a lot of original brooch pins from the turn of the century at the Flea Market in Paris. She then contacted the Parisian printmakers and decided to create a line of jewelry inspired by the Art Deco period. It sets up its production workshop in the heart of France in Montbrison between Lyon and Saint-Etienne. For 20 years Catherine Popesco has been developing her brand in France and abroad, where she has enjoyed great success, particularly in the United States, Australia and Japan.

In 2008, Catherine Popesco decided to move to the United States and sell her business to one of her employees. The latter perpetuated the manufacturing traditions for 8 years and continued to develop the brand abroad.

AT THE END of 2016 another story begins …

In 2016 Au Bout des Rêves changes ownership. Alexandra BLIN, then jewelry designer for many years, decides to embark on the great adventure AU BOUT DES DREAMS.

2017: The head office moves, a shop is opened in the city center of Montbrison in the Loire.

2018: renovation of a new 100m2 workshop, the workshop shop having become too small.

2019: many new products in the catalog and the workshop still under construction !!!! we’ll get there !

2020 -2021: we continued our development despite the complicated situation

Who are we ?

A little crazy, some say, entrepreneurs for others. In reality we are enthusiasts.

Alexandra BLIN – Director

If you are asked what trades Alexandra did, the fingers of both hands will not be enough. Journalist, graphic designer, entrepreneur, e-merchant, designer … But a theme unites all these professions: creation. Add to that a zest of passion (well more than a zest for that matter …) for costume jewelry, and you will get a being determined to conquer the hearts of jewelry fans.

Astrid Masse – Sales department

And of course the fab and creative girls who prefer to remain incognito ….

Because it is out of the question for your our crafts and our heritage to disappear, we have decided to fight. Against what, you will say? Against prejudices, against the standardization of tastes, against “trends”. Our jewel is timeless, appreciated by teenagers as well as by their mothers and grandmothers. We love it and hope you like it too.